Socio-Economic and Cultural Upliftment in Rural Environment (SECURE)

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SECURE believes that creating access to micro-credit would bring the poorer sections out of the clutches of the money-lenders which, in turn would increase their incomes and improve their lives.  Further, the sangham would provide a platform for the women to discuss their individual and collective problems and lead to collective action for the community development.  In this context, SECURE has been mobilizing women into SHGs to inculcate a habit of savings, access to micro-credit and opportunities for micro enterprises to sustain and improve their livelihoods.  These forums can also be oriented on social sector goals such as UEE, Health, Gender discrimination and good governance.

The initiative involved mobilizing women into sanghas, building their capacities on maintenance of a group, accounts, leadership qualities, communication abilities and linkages to various banking and various departments of the government, immediately concerned to their lives.  This also involved trainings on income-generating activities.

Around 3000 women have been brought into 180 SHGs. These SHGs provide a fora for the women to share their problems and take up collective action for the development of the community. The total corpus fund of these groups is around Rs.30 lakhs.  Quite a few members have taken up income generating activities while fourteen groups have taken grain banking while two groups have taken up as joint farming. Women groups promoted by SECURE have been linked to banks and DRDA for further support, and they are accessing the Government resources for their development.

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